A Christian Clown Retreat - TOCCOA, GEORGIA


Greetings, Campers!  The time for TNT University is getting closer, and here are some answers to questions you may be asking.1. When can we check into our room? The check-in desk for your room will open at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, August 1st.  The school registration will be open at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 1st to get your name badge and notebook. If you arrive before that, you will have to be patient and wait.  We can’t open registration for the rooms before 3:30 p.m. because your room may not be ready.  A limited number of rooms will be available for check in on Sunday night, the additional cost for early check in is $50.00 per person and that will include breakfast on Monday morning. We will need to know if you will be coming in on Sunday in order to notify the camp which rooms to prepare. So please fill out the early arrival card and send it back to us with a check for your room.  If you are using the airport shuttle you will need to arrive on Sunday night. 2. What if I don’t have a roommate but don’t want a private room? We will assign you a roommate if you don’t already have one.  If you have arranged for a roommate, just fill out the roommate card and send it back with the rest of your information.  All of the rooms this year will be in Griffith Hall, and therefore all are accessible via elevator (as well as stairs).  If you have special needs, please let us know.  3. Should I bring my clown costume and makeup to camp?  You will need your clown outfit and clown makeup for both a group photo and an outreach event.  Don’t forget to bring an old washcloth or paper towels from home to remove your makeup, so that you do not ruin camp towels and end up getting charged to replace them.  The camp towels and washcloths are white, so to insure that your items are not taken when staff retrieves the laundry, it might be helpful to bring other colors.  4. Will there be a vendor area where I can get clown supplies? We will have a complete clown supply area (noted on the schedule as the Dealer Room) for you to shop.  So bring money to spend and help support our vendors. 5. What about sheets and towels for my own use?  The camp will provide 1 set of sheets, 1 towel and 1 wash cloth for you for the 7 days.  If you want clean towels and wash cloths to use daily, you should bring some extras.  Again, you might want to bring colored towels and washcloths, because the ones they use are white.  That way there will be no mix-ups when it comes time to check out. 6. What is the normal dress for the camp?  It will be hot in Georgia that time of the year; but we will be in air conditioning almost all the time; and some of the classrooms actually get cold due to the air conditioning, so you might wanna bring a light sweater.  We still suggest dressing comfortably, but do remember we will be at a Christian camp, so please no crop tops or short shorts.  Shoes must be worn at all times. 7. Can I video or audio tape any of the classes or shows?  There will be no taping allowed of any of the classes or performances.  You may take all the photos you would like, but please no taping. 8. What about smoking?  All buildings are smoke-free.  There are buckets in various places on campus to put out your cigarettes. Please be courteous to nonsmokers and avoid smoking near doorways and put cigarettes in designated buckets. 9. What about bringing a pet?  Pets are not allowed in any of the buildings or on the grounds. 10. Can I bring food or sodas to keep in my room?  No food is to be prepared or stored in guest rooms.  If you have special dietary needs, please let us know and we can make special arrangements.  11. I’m flying in and need to get from the airport to the camp.  What do I do?  Fill out the attached Flight Information Card and return it right away.  We will have an airport shuttle that will pick you up at the airport on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. and return you back to the airport on Saturday by 11 a.m., so make your flight schedule to allow two hours at the airport.  There is an additional cost for the shuttle of $40, so please include a check for this amount with your return information . You will also need to reserve your room for Sunday night if you are using the shuttle (see #1), so include that card and payment, as well. 12. Will there be a camp shirt available?  We will have TNT Logo “patches” available this year, instead of shirts.  These are iron-on patches that can be applied to your own shirts, hats, vests, bags, etc.  The price for these is $3 apiece.  13. Do I need to bring items for an auction as in years past?  There will be an auction on Wednesday evening supporting mission work and our scholarship fund.  Bring any items you would like to donate to this very worthy cause.  Anything you have that you no longer use and would like to donate will be accepted.  Also come ready to buy all these very valuable items (well, at least some of them might be valuable), and have a lot of fun while raising money for a good cause. 14.  Can I bring my own clown items to sell?  The instructors that come to TNT do this at their own expense.  They don’t get paid their normal teaching fee.  Because of that, they rely upon their sales from their booth to make the money needed to cover their expenses and to make a living.  Unauthorized vendors could take away from the sales our instructors are depending on, and in turn, they would have to charge their normal teaching fee to the camp. This, in turn, would result in an increase in the registration fee charged to the students. So we would ask that if you are not a staff member and have not made prior arrangements to be a vendor at TNT, please do not bring items to sell.  15.  Is there anything else I need to bring?  If you are planning on attending facepainting classes or balloon labs, you will need to bring supplies (face paint, brushes, balloons and pumps) for those classes if you want to participate in hands-on learning.  There will also be face painting and balloon jams in the evenings, and these skills may be put to use during your track outings; so even if you are not taking classes, you may want to bring these supplies.  If you do not have the products you need, most will be offered for purchase in the Dealer Room.  Look forward to seeing you all in August. God bless and have a safe trip.

TO DOWNLOAD A CAMPERS PACK with Roommate/Intensive Track/Airport Pickup Forms, click here:  CAMPERS PACK