A Christian Clown Retreat - TOCCOA, GEORGIA




Your registration cost covers 15 meals; 5 nights' lodging; class materials, handouts and supplies; instruction and performances by experienced staff; a free training track group photo, and all other registration materials.  The total registration cost for shared occupancy (2 people to a room) at the earlybird rate is $525.00 if a deposit of at least $100.00 is mailed or paid online before February 15, 2016.  The single occupancy earlybird rate is $715.00.  From February 16 to June 27, 2016, the rate increases by $50.00 to $575.00 (shared) or $765.00 (single).  Following June 27, 2016, if there is still room available, the cost increases another $50.00 to $625.00 (shared) or $815.00 (single) per person.  

PAYMENT PLANS:  If a $100.00 deposit is made by the end of September, 2015, then your monthly payment will be as little as $50.00 a month until the final payment of $25.00 in June, 2016.  As long as your deposit is made by February 15, 2016, you can pay the remaining amount in monthly, weekly or bi-monthly installments, depending on your budget, as long as the balance is paid in full by June 27, 2016.  We can arrange for automatic payments on your credit card in the amount you designate and on the date you prefer each month.  Our desire is to work with you to fit your budget and your schedule to make it possible for you to attend. 


1. You can register by clicking on the appropriate button below to pay with Paypal. After sending in your payment with Paypal then e-mail the name, clown name, mailing address (with zip code), phone number and e-mail address for each person you are registering to:

2. You can send in your name, clown name, mailing address (with zip code), phone number and e-mail address and a check made payable to:  TNT University Clown Camp.  Mail this information to: Angela Gonzalez, 116 S. Audubon Road, #4, Indianapolis, IN 46219. (Include all the same information for each person you are registering).

3.  You can call Angela Gonzalez at 317-840-1583 and provide your credit card information over the phone to make a payment.  Or you can mail the registration form to the same address above in #2 with the credit card information filled out, indicating whether you wish to charge the full amount or a partial amount.  


  • $100.000 Deposit  (for either shared or single occupancy)


  • Full Shared Occupancy (2 people to a room) Registration:  $575.00  

  • Full Single Occupancy (single room) Registration:  $765.00

  • $25.00 Installment Payment

  • $50.00 Installment Payment
        (or Sunday night Stay)

  • $75.000 Installment Payment


  • $125.000 Installment Payment 

  • $425 Balance (from $100 Deposit) on Early Bird Shared Room Rate

  • $375 Balance (from $100 Deposit) on Early Bird Shared Room Rate with Rollover Discount

  • $615 Balance (from $100 Deposit) on Early Bird Single Room Rate

  • $40 Shuttle Service to and from the Airport

  • For more registration options, including RV Campground rates, daily rates, meals, partial lodging, or other partial registrations, view our supplemental registration page HERE.