A Christian Clown Retreat - TOCCOA, GEORGIA



The intensive tracks will meet for about 2 1/2 hours each day, and as the week goes by, the track lessons will become more and more intense. Each track is designed to give the student the best education in the focus area of the track. Once you sign up for a track, you will participate in that track throughout the course of the week during scheduled Track Training times.  These tracks are also the areas in which you earn your credits towards a degree.  Your track will also spend one afternoon (or evening) putting what you have learned into practice through a performance or outreach opportunity with the help of your track teachers/leaders. 

Basic Clowning 101 Track (Led by Angel Contreras and Lee Andrews)

The Basic track is the place for you if you are new to clowning or if you have been clowning for a few years but have never had formal training. You will learn the correct way to apply makeup and you will get help with your makeup design. You will be taught character development, clown movement and the dos and don'ts of clown performance. This is a must track for those that are wanting to get a strong clown foundation. You need a good foundation to grow as a clown.  Class size is limited to 15 members, so you will want to sign up quickly if this is the track you wish to take.

Church Ministry Clowning Track (Led by Colleen Fouts)

The Church Ministry Clowning track will take you through the correct way to perform with a group or alone on a stage in a ministry setting. It will also teach you how to deliver a biblical message and still be a clown. This is a great track for those whose heart is in performing in churches and reaching the lost for the Lord. This track will be performing in a local church during the outreach event as part of their track assignment.

Hospital and Nursing Home Ministry Track (Led by Kay Reed and Barb Field.)

This track will teach you how to develop a caring clown ministry in a hospital and/or nursing home. We will begin with why laughter is good medicine and discuss what to do and how to do it safely for yourself and the patient. You will learn to develop a whole new and gentle character to use in these venues. You will also learn some fun bits and shtick, how to use props effectively, how to get a hospital clown program started, and some tips on getting grant support. This track will take trips into Toccoa to work with the local hospital, nursing homes, and clinics.

Home Town Clowning Track (Led by Bob and Teresa Gretton)

In the home town clowning track you will learn how to work in the community at festivals and fairs. How to walk a parade properly. You will learn what works when doing birthday parties, how to put together a party, and how to market yourself and set fair pricing for your services. You will be given all kinds of ideas on things to use in all these venues, and more, and you will also learn how to get into these areas.

Puppety and Creative Arts Track (Led by Gary and Ann Gramlich)

Ann and Gary will help participants learn about puppetry and other creative arts they can use to complement their clowning and ministries.  The team will learn how to build their own puppets, stage and props and put together a full program from start to finish. 

Advanced Skills and Physical Comedy Track (Led by Ben and Christine Christensen, Chris Burton, and various other instructors)

The goal of this track is to take clowning to another level.  This track will focus on advanced skills like balancing, juggling, and other physically demanding performance measures.  Participants will receive some one-on-one help with taking a routine they do regularly and kicking it up a notch…finding ways to improve on it to result in a better performance.  This track will work on different routines, gags, bits and skill showcases to present a show on Friday night for their peers.